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One-size socks?

2011, March 5


One-size socks — surely the most useless piece of apparel ever invented!  How in the hell is one size supposed to cater for all foot/shoe sizes — I mean from size 6 to size 12 all to fit into the same size? Complete rubbish!

I learned this a long time ago but yesterday I decided to give some Firetrap one-size socks a try on the basis that they were nice and were called “Slim”. I don’t think this was the description of them, just the name of the style. A quick try-on on getting home and the nicely outlined heels were half way up my ankles — just as on every other time I’ve tried these. Never, ever, ever again will I waste my time. Needless to say they went right back the next day!

It’s HB for me all the way — the only designer brand of socks that I know of that actually makes all sizes. Long may they do so!

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  1. Mrs. Rem permalink

    There are such things, I used to sell them years ago, they are just tubes and fit v.v.well

    • Haaa haaa! LOL! 😂 I stand (partly) corrected. I stand by my original observation though that the actual multi-part “sock” variety are completely useless!

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