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Election postmortem continues

2011, March 7

RTÉ continued its postmortem of General Election 2011 this evening with the Naked Election documentary on One. Some interesting glimpses of individuals but generally I don’t think it quite captured the intensity of the campaign in the same way as “Dogfight” on Radio One over the weekend. Too many candidates featured so there was no real depth to the portraits provided, unlike the focus on just two—Charlie and Conor—in Dublin South West. (They clearly helped themselves to loose both seats by their complete animosity for each other.)

Well, reviewing the tweets of the day and adding a few on this and other issues certainly got my mind off the day that’s been and turned out to be a rather nice relaxing end to the day—must be the novelty of it all still. Mentally exhausting day in the office today with the announcement of my new duties—meh!

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