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No bad weather, only bad clothes!

2011, August 13
It’s been said that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. After investing in the good clothes a few weeks back and not using them, this week I decided the only way they, or the recently re-fitted bike, were going to get used in our crazy Irish “summer” was to just get out there and do it, rain or shine!As it happened, there wasn’t too much of either rain or shine, but lots of wind. There is nothing like adding wind to a cycle to completely change the route and make it a proper workout. No two cycles to work will ever be the same when there’s the added unpredictability of headwind, in either direction.After a few weeks of slobbing around too, it’s convinced me that the only way I’m likely to consistently exercise, especially when long days at work are the norm, is if I integrate it into the routine of the day. We’ll see how the next few weeks go on that resolution.

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