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Prince Live At Malahide Castle, Dublin, July 30, 2011

2011, August 5

As expected, NPG Records have had the videos below disabled on YouTube itself.

Well, we’ll see about that! ;-)     See these & below…

Part 1:


Part 3:

Apologies that this footage is parts — due to the file-size limit of WordPress (at the original time of publication at least).

Do take the time to leave a comment and to rate the items — feedback of any kind is good!

And while you’re at it, do give me your opinion in this mini-poll…

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  1. Shay permalink

    Hi how can I purchase this Dvd? I’ve been looking all over for this Dvd to buy and I can not find it any where. I would very much love to purchase a copy of this concert from you if possible, thank you.

    • Hi there Shay,
      Thanks for your post—I appreciate your visit. There is no DVD I’m afraid and what I have posted here are my edited & spliced highlights of the show. It would take me some time to go through my archives at this point to assemble all the original un-edited footage.
      In reply to your other request regarding Little Red Corvette, at this stage I cannot remember if I have more extensive footage of it. I am pretty certain that I don’t have the full performance—I did occasionally stop filming to do some dancing and clapping—how odd eh? 😉

  2. Monika permalink

    I commented already at one of the video links, but having seen all parts now I would like to thank you again!! You found a great way of sharing this amazing footage, without it being able to be taken down again! Well done! Thanks so much!!! The gig is one of those I am sorry I missed on this tour!

  3. So how can we see your Prince in concert vids Ciaran please? I was there and it was awesome i saw a pile on youtube the next day and now they’re all gone ;o(
    Cheers Dee

    • Hi there Deirdre,

      They are here on the site – not in this post itself but in the ones below. The easiest thing to do is click on the “Music” tab at the top of the page – you’ll see three posts, one each for the three that I originally had on YouTube. If you cannot see them here on the site then I suspect it must be a browser issue. Google Chrome is the best – Internet Explorer 8 or 9 and Safari should be fine too – not really sure about Firefox. Most visitors seem to be able to view them as you can see from the positive comments.

      Do try again and let me know.


  4. angela mc cusker permalink

    Hiya Ciaran, left you a comment on Sunday telling you how amazing your videos were, is there a way i can download them onto a dvd, would love to have a copy 🙂

    • Hi Angela,

      Many thanks for your positive feedback – much appreciated. I’ve written to you directly by e-mail.


  5. brian permalink

    Thanks Ciaran, fantatsic to see those vids back up, fair play to you for your dogged perseverance. The song i would love to see in full (if thats at all possible?) is ‘u got the look’. It was f***ing awesome I thought and all the more tragic for finding out afterward that it was to be the last song of the night. I thought it stuck out along with controversy, play that funky music, hot thing.etc..but hey, the whole concert was a classic. If there is any way you could stick that clip up id be well chuffed.
    Thanks again

    • Hi Brian
      Unfortunately, I don’t have any more of “U Got The Look” than appears at the end of Part 3 – and I guess it is a reflection of the way the gig ends that my vid ends in a similarly truncated way! Sorry about that – I was shocked myself that it ended so fast! I was also shocked that I got so much – as you’ll notice there are only the very start of most tracks or slow parts – cuz I was too damn busy dancin’ myself!
      Glad you enjoyed and delighted to be of service to a fellow fan!
      Keep bustin’

  6. brian permalink

    Hey man, I was at the gig, pit-right, towards the back and its not a concert I will forget in a hurry. It breaks my heart to see great footage such as yours being taken down vid by vid (unlike many of them the sound quality on yours is/was also great. I know its his policy but its hard-core! I would love some permenant record of what was an amazing gig other than the memories in my noggin that are somewhat diluted by the amount of beer I consumed. If it were available i would be willing to part with some sobs to be able to re-live the experience. Any comments/advice most welcome or alternatively mail to ________
    many thanks

    • Thanks for your reply – glad you enjoyed – both gig and the vids.

      All is not lost – yet.

      Check back here to see how we get on – Part 3 is already up down below, BTW 😉

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